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Taiwan is well known to many Japanese people as the home of the world’s lifetime home-run record-holder Sadaharu Oh, and as a “foodie’s paradise” with many distinctive and delicious dishes such as minced pork rice and xiaolongbao dumplings, to name just two. As a key transit point for Asia, it is very easily accessible. From Japan, Taiwan is about three and a half hours away by plane.

City night markets are vibrant and exciting, and Taiwan’s natural landscapes are stunningly beautiful. Wherever you go, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere will welcome you. Riding the comfortable Taiwan High Speed Rail, you will forget that you are far from home, and in the familiar environment of Family Mart you won’t feel like it’s your first time there. Enjoy some fine tea while chewing on a betel nut, and you will surely feel right at home.

In hopes of providing a window to further strengthen our friendship and ties with Japan, we at the Taiwanese Embassy of Japan welcome your visit with our in-house displays of Taiwan Beer. Please do not hesitate to come by anytime!


Statement Regarding the Forced Passage of the “Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services”

Embassy of Taiwan in Japan March 27, 2014

The Ma Ying-jeou Administration engaged in a secret process to ratify the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services, finally railroading it through the Legislative Yuan on March 17. Furthermore, in the early hours of March 24, the same Administration used violence in its forcible ejection of non-violent protesters who were occupying the legislature. The Taiwanese Embassy is disappointed in these actions.

The Embassy is troubled by the ratification of this Agreement, which prioritizes the profit of Chinese and Taiwanese cross-strait capitalists and will bring suffering to the Taiwanese people. It hopes that the Ma Yin-jeou Administration and the Taiwanese people can find some constructive way to resolve this issue.

As an assurance of Ma Yin-jeou’s remorse for his past actions, and to reconfirm that he is committed to the peace and continuing progress of Taiwan, the Embassy seeks a response by the Administration to the following demands:

1. Withdrawal of the Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services
2. Immediate Establishment of a Cross-StraitAgreement Watch
3. President Ma Yin-jeou’s Appearance in Person Before the People of Taiwan and Engagement in a Direct Dialogue
4. A Campaign to Get the Legislature to Award All Those Involved in the Protests with Congressional Diplomacy Honorary Medals of the Legislative Yuan